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Frome Selwood Bowling Club

Match Reports

Frome Selwood Bowling Club Match Reports

Sunday 24 June 2018

Fortune has not been with Frome Selwood over the past few weeks. In the MSL at Fosseway 6 points were gained in a 61 all draw thanks to Terry Joyce, Ray Ashman, Peter Simenton, Mike Geake 19-11. But at Purnell only 2 points. were picked up courtesy of R. Ashman, Peter Collis, Nigel Fricker, Steve Chant 20-13. And against Norwest just 3 points. were taken with Joyce, Ashman, Graham Atkinson, Geake 19-18; Bob Norris, Nick Greening, Tony Lemon and Fricker 18 all.

In the MSL Mixed a narrow 61-60 finish against Fosseway saw 8 points gained. The only winning rink being T. Joyce, Sue Jefferies, Bev Tymus, M. Geake 28-16. But against Wyrral Park just 2 points. were gleaned thanks to Leslie Hill, Rosa Pearce, G. Atkinson, Brian Reed 24-18.

In the SCL the men still struggle to find any sort of form earning just 2 points away at Imperial thanks to Collis, Greening, David James and Chant 18-16.

Selwood Ladies fared better at home to Prattens in a close 52-50 finish with 10 points received. Winning rinks:- Bev Tymus, Sue Jefferies, Susan Simenton 18-9; Elaine Gilburt, Kathy Kingman, Sandra Dowie 24-14. 

   Percy Reynolds

Sunday 1 July 2018

In the first round of the Turnbull Cup Frome Selwood had a good 101-66 win against Alexandra. Rink scores:- Terry Joyce, Ken Matthews, Nigel Fricker, Mike Geake 26-18; Tony Lemon, Nick Greening, Percy Reynolds, Brian Reed 27-15; Peter Collis, Peter Simenton, David James, Steve Chant 25-14; Graham Atkinson, Dave Griffin, Brian Lye, Mike Mason 21-19.

In the MSL Selwood just lost out 65-66 taking just 4 points. Winning rinks:- Joyce, Malcolm Dawkins, Fricker, Geake 22-10; Simenton, Greening, James, Chant 13-9.

And in the SCL, Selwood still struggle to find any sort of form picking up just 2 points against Knowle A thanks to Joyce, Greening, Fricker, Geake 19-14.

In the mixed league at Frome Park a 60-60 draw saw Selwood gain 5 points with Ray Ashman, Joy Palmer, Bev Tymus, Fricker the one winning rink finishing 19-14.

The ladies collected 10 league points in a 65-54 win against Shepton Mallet. Winning rinks:- Jean Lemon, Sue Jefferies, Sandra Dowie 29-13; Ann Muise, Vera Ashman, Vera Ford 22-18.

   Percy Reynolds

Sunday  8 July 2018

Selwood ladies picked up 10 points at home to Wyrral Park in a close 52-49 finish. Winning rinks:- Ann Muise, Sue Jefferies, Susan Simenton 30-13; Vera Ford, Bev Tymus, Kathy Kingman 18-15.

Sadly, in their second round game of the Turnbull Cup, the men lost 62-79 to Prattens.

In the MSL opponents Paulton unfortunately could not get a full team and so gave the game to Selwood.

   Percy Reynolds

Sunday 15 July 2018

In the SCL Frome Selwood at last found their form beating neighbours Frome Park A 73-58 and taking all 12 points. Rink Scores:- Nick Greening, Chris Mitchell, Brian Lye, Mike Mason 22-14; Graham Atkinson, Bob Norris, Peter Simenton, David James 30-26; Malcolm Dawkins, Ray Ashman, Nigel Fricker, Mike Geake 21-18.

Unfortunately, the ladies’ recent good run ended in a 44-61 defeat, also against Park, with no points gained. And at City of Wells only 2 points could be gleaned courtesy of Joy Palmer, Vera Ashman, Sandra Dowie 19-11. Overall score 48-53.

  Percy Reynolds   

Sunday 22 July 2018

The week did not start well for Frome Selwood men with a terrible 51-72 MSL defeat at home to Purnell and losing on all rinks. But they put that behind them to get an excellent result in the SCL at home against Knowle B winning 79-49 and taking all 12 points. Rink scores:- Tony Lemon, Peter Simenton, David James, Steve Chant 34-12; Nick Greening, Peter Palmer, Brian Lye, Mike Mason 22-15; Terry Joyce, Ray Ashman, Nigel Fricker, Mike Geake 23-22.

The ladies struggled away to Street with just 1 point gained thanks to Elaine Gilburt, Vera Ashman and Kathy Kingman with a 16 all tie.

A mixed friendly at home to Broughton Gifford resulted in a win for Selwood 73-45. Winning rinks:- R. Ashman, Liz Dawkins, Graham Atkinson, Vera Ford 23-10; Rosa Pearce, Vera Ashman, N. Greening, N. Fricker 21-11; Ann Muise, Malcolm Dawkins, Jean Lemon, D. James 17-8.

   Percy Reynolds

Sunday 29 July 2018

Frome Selwood ladies picked up another 10 points at Wyrral Park with a 49-30 win, the match finishing at 15 ends due to the extreme heat. Winning rinks:- Elaine Gilburt, Bev Tymus, Kathy Kingman 13-9; Rosa Pearce, Vera Ford, Susan Simenton 24-6. But at home to Purnell they lost on all rinks 46-58.

The men suffered a heavy defeat in the MSL at Norwest, with only 2 points collected thanks to Tony Lemon, Peter Simenton, David James, Steve Chant 24-11.

A mixed friendly at home against Somerset Masons resulted in a 78-87 win for the visitors. Selwood’s best rinks were Joy Palmer, Rosa Pearce, Ray Ashman, Nigel Fricker 17-11; Sue Jefferies, Liz Dawkins, T. Lemon, S. Chant 20-13; Brian Denness, Val Ridgard, D. James (triple) 10-8.

   Percy Reynolds

Sunday 12 August 2018

Frome Selwood ladies continue to perform well with two good 10 point results. Against Street they finished ahead 53-45 thanks to Ann Muise, Vera Ford, Jean Lemon 26-18, and Vera Ashman, Bev Tymus, Kathy Kingman 15-14. Vera, Bev and Kathy with a 25-16 rink win helped to gain a 67-54 victory over Frome Park aided by Elaine Gilburt, Sandra Dowie, Susan Simenton 23-13. However, a slight hiccup at Norwest meant they could only pick up 2 points courtesy of Sue Jefferies, Bev and Kathy 13-7.

In the SCL the men, despite two good wins in July, continue to struggle. At City of Wells, although being ahead at the halfway stage, concentration was lost over several ends resulting in a 49-55 defeat with just 2 points saved thanks to Chris Mitchell, Tony Lemon, David James, Steve Chant 20-17. And at Keynsham a 50-71 loss with only Terry Joyce, Ray Ashman, Nigel Fricker, Mike Geake collecting 2 points from their 21-19 win.

In the MSL Mixed in a ‘sooner forgotten the better’ game on a difficult green at Street no points were gained.

Fortunately pride was somewhat restored in an excellent 87-49 result in a mixed home friendly against Trowbridge Town with all four rinks victorious. Scores:- Liz Dawkins, Judy Matthews, Peter Palmer, David James 29-11; Malcolm Dawkins, Vera Ashman, Terry Joyce, Mike Geake 23-8; Nick Greening, Jean Steeds, Jean Lemon, Mike Mason 18-16; Chris Mitchell, Ken Matthews, Ray Ashman, Kathy Kingman 17-14.      

 On Saturday 11th the round robin for the Club Mixed Triples Competition was played and the two teams to contest the final are Ray Ashman, Bev Tymus, Nick Greening and Malcolm Dawkins, Brian Denness, Jean Lemon.

   Percy Reynolds

Sunday 26 August 2018 

Frome Selwood ladies good run continued with another excellent 60-34 home win against Norwest which gained them 11 points. Rink scores:- Vera Ashman, Bev Tymus, Kathy Kingman 20-9; Elaine Gilburt, Joy Palmer, Susan Simenton 24-9; Lesley Hill, Vera Ford, Jean Lemon 16 all.

In the SCL the men still struggle to get a decent result. They could only pick up 2 points against Norwest A thanks to Graham Atkinson, Percy Reynolds, David James, Steve Chant 20-14.

Selwood’s poor run in the MSL Mixed continued with a 40-57 defeat to Prattens and no points gained.

A friendly away to Stothert & Pitt saw the men just lose 52-55. The best rink was Terry Joyce, Bob Norris, Percy Reynolds, Mike Geake 16-9. 

   Percy Reynolds

Monday 3 September 2018

Frome Selwood ladies put in another excellent performance in the Wild League against Paulton, taking all 12 points in a close 47-41 finish. Rink scores:- Elaine Gilburt, Joy Palmer, Susan Simenton 16-13; Rosa Pearce, Bev Tymus, Kathy Kingman 15-13; Ann Muise, Sue Jefferies, Jean Lemon 16-15.

In the SCL the men were away to Purnell B but could only salvage 1 point courtesy of Nick Greening, Ken Matthews, Brian Lye, Mike Mason who drew with 14 shots.

In the Charity Floodlit matches the joint Selwood/Park team won 3 rinks to 2 against Prattens, and in the 4-1 win over Paulton the rink of Terry Joyce, Peter Palmer and Mike Geake scored a hot-shot in their 27-14 victory.

Mixed friendly win:- 88-85 against Shaftesbury.

   Percy Reynolds

Sunday 30 September 2018       

Frome Selwood staged the club finals over two days.

Men’s championship winner was Steve Chant with Peter Simenton runner-up.

Steve was also in the Men’s 2 wood singles but lost to Nick Greening.

In the Men’s 4 wood pairs Peter Sheperd & Peter Simenton were victors over Chris Mitchell & Terry Joyce.

Tony Lemon & David James beat Brian Denness & Mike Mason in the 2 wood pairs.

Susan Simenton was Ladies champion with Sue Jefferies r/u.

The ladies 2 wd. singles was won by Elaine Gilburt and Vera Ashman was r/u.

Elaine was paired with Angie Bishop in the ladies pairs but lost to Vera Ford & Jean Lemon.

The Mixed Handicap was a close fought game with Brian Reed just finishing ahead of Sue Simenton.

The Mixed Triples was won by Ray Ashman, Bev Tymus and Nick Greening who beat  Brian Denness, Jean Lemon and Malcolm Dawkins.

A new competition, the Ladies Invitation, was won by Joy Palmer and David James who triumphed over Vera Ford and Peter Simenton. The season finished with the Captain’s Day. However it was the President’s side who were triumphant on the day. The ‘spider’ was won by Lesley Hill.

     Percy Reynolds