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Frome Selwood Bowling Club

Match Reports

Frome Selwood Bowling Club Match Reports

9 June 2019

Frome Selwood men continued to do well in the MSL with a 75-57 victory at Paulton and picking up 14 points. Winning rinks:- Colin Hindvest, Ray Ashman, Percy Reynolds, Duncan McGovern 25-13; Malcolm Dawkins, Peter Simenton, David James, Steve Chant 19-13; Graham Atkinson, Ken Matthews, Brian Lye, Mike Mason 16-14. And at home to Fosseway 13pnts. were gained in an 88-59.5 win. ( One Fosseway rink being a man short had it’s score reduced by 25% ) Rink scores:- Hinvest, Simenton, James, Chant 31-10.5; Terry Joyce, Bob Norris, Nigel Fricker, Mike Geake 20-11; Dawkins, Mick Ridgard, Ashman, Brian Reed drew with 19 shots.

The ladies had no league games other than the MSL Mixed where they contributed to a 56-39 win at Wyrral Park taking 11pnts. Scores:- Vera Ashman, Susan Simenton, N. Fricker, M. Mason 24-12; T. Joyce, Jean Lemon, D. James, M. Geake 15-10; Lesley Hill, P. Simenton, R. Ashman, Kathy Kingman 17 all.

A mixed 6 rink friendly against a Richmond & Barnes Bowling Association touring side saw the visitors win on 4 rinks but losing by 2 shots over all in an 88-86 finish. The game was declared drawn.

Percy Reynolds


2 June 2019

The Ladies had a slight hiccup in the league against Castle Cary, with only 2 points taken thanks to Sandra Dowie, Bev Tymus and Jean Lemon 17-15. However they regained their form for the next three games. At Paulton they took 10pnts. in a 58-44 win. Best rinks:- Sandra Hindvest, Vera Ford, Susan Simenton 23-8; Angie Bishop, Bev, Kathy Kingman 22-13. And at Shepton Mallet all 12pnts. were gleaned from a 51-34 result. Rink scores:- Vera Ashman, Ann Muise, Kathy 16-12; Sandra H., Vera F., Susan 15-13; Sandra D., Bev, Jean Lemon 20-9. Also away, this time at Prattens, a 52-45 result meant another 10pnts. were collected. Winning rinks:- Jean Steeds, Ann, Jean L. 20-13; Lesley Hill, Elaine Gilburt, Kathy 21-13. In the County 4’s Vera A., Jean L., Susan & Kathy won their first two games: 24-21 against Bath and then beating Purnell 27-20.

In the MSL the men took 12 points in a 72-60 win at Norwest. Winning rinks:- Graham Atkinson, Colin Hindvest, Peter Simenton, Mike Geake 31-10; Terry Joyce, Malcolm Dawkins, Ray Ashman, Brian Lye 16-15.

The SCL also brought good results. Against Purnell C an 85-39 victory gained Selwood all 12pnts. Scores:- Nick Greening, Percy Reynolds, Nigel Fricker, Duncan McGovern 28-10; Jeff Clapp, P. Simenton, David James, Steve Chant 32-18; T. Joyce, Bob Norris, B. Lye, Mike Mason 25-11. At Paulton 10pnts. were collected in an 83-65 win. Best rinks:- N. Greening, R. Ashman, N. Fricker, D. McGovern 41-21; G. Atkinson, P. Simenton, D. James, S. Chant 25-19.  

On the downside Selwood’s first MSL Mixed match ended in a disappointing 32-62 thrashing against Street  who took all the points.

Percy Reynolds           


19 May 2019

With opening day and some warm up friendlies over the new season has started in earnest.

The Ladies began their league matches with a 58-46 win away at Purnell, taking 10 points. Winning rinks:- Angie Bishop, Ann Muise, Kathy Kingman 26-17; Sandra Hindvist, Vera Ford, Susan Simenton 19-11.

Against Castle Cary though, only 2pnts. were salvaged thanks to Sandra Dowie, Bev Tymus, Jean Lemon 17-15. Their form returned at Paulton where 10 more points were gained in a 58-44 win down to Sandra H, Vera F, Susan 23-8; Angie B, Bev, Kathy 22-13.

The Men also started well in the SCL with a 70-54 win over Bloomfield C taking 10 points. Best rinks:- Nick Greening, Percy Reynolds, Mike Geake, Duncan McGovern 34-17; Graham Atkinson, Colin Hindvest, Nigel Fricker, Mike Mason 22-16. And against Purnell C all 12pnts. were gained in a 85-39 finish. Rink scores:- Nick G, Percy R, Nigel F, Duncan McG. 28-10; Jeff Clapp, Peter Simenton, David James, Steve Chant 32-18; Terry Joyce, Bob Norris, Brian Lye, Mike M. 25-11.

Percy Reynolds’